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September 2021

How Can I Turn My Bathroom into My Personal Oasis?

It’s no secret that your bathroom tends to be one of most occupied and frequently visited rooms in your house. You spend time in your bathroom for a multitude of reasons, which is why it’s important to make it both a comfortable and functional space.

Decor, colors, fragrances, and so on, might add to the overall theme, but keep reading to find out multiple ways you can make your bathroom a personal oasis that fits you and your needs.

Pick a Vanity that Works for You

Your bathroom isn’t going to be your oasis if you dislike one of the main focal points. Vanities are an extremely important part of the bathroom, and you should pick one based off of your wants and needs. Ample storage? Extra counter space? His and Hers sinks? Whether it’s none, one, or all of the previous reasons, Lavish has plenty of options to fit the functionality of your perfect vanity.

There are beautiful chandeliers, ceiling fans, and pendants available now that look as if they belong inside, but that are specially made to hold up to outdoor use. Before purchasing, you'll want to look at the product specifications to find the words "damp-rated" (which indicates the fixture can be safely used outdoors in covered locations, such as a porch) or "wet-rated" (which means it is safe to be used outdoors without being completely covered).

Add a Medicine Cabinet

Minimalism is the key when it comes to making your bathroom your own personal oasis. Having items cluttered on the countertop isn’t ideal and has the tendency to make the room look messy overall. By putting a medicine cabinet in your bathroom, you’re not only able to add hidden storage but also a design element for the room.

There are plenty of options to choose from, and it all depends on what style works best for your bathroom. Whether you choose a surface mount or recessed medicine cabinet, you won’t regret the extra storage space and uncluttered countertop!

Splurge on a Towel Warmer

There are a couple of reasons why purchasing a towel warmer is worth it. First, less laundry. By regularly using a towel warmer, you won’t need to throw your towels in the laundry as often because warmers not only dry the towels quickly, but also can kill mold or mildew that grows in moisture.

Second, the title itself. Towel. Warmer. Who doesn’t love a warm towel right after you step out of the shower? For added comfort, you can even throw your pajamas or bathrobe on it during a chillier winter night, or your gloves, hats and scarves right before you step outside into the cold.

Replace Your Old, Standard Shower Head

Nothing says oasis quite like rain or a waterfall. One of the main benefits of a rain shower head is that it has a wider area of flow than a regular shower head. That being said, a rain shower head allows the warm water to engulf you, giving you a calm and relaxing shower with the much needed moments of tranquility you’ve been looking for.

While you’re at it, add on some body sprays as well! Between your rain shower head and body jets, you’ll be surrounded by warm water and create an amazing spa-like experience in the comfort of your own bathroom.

Find the Tub of your Dreams

Speaking of a spa-like experience, there’s nothing quite like a relaxing bath after a long day. While some bubbles, essential oils and your favorite candle might create a nice ambience, the experience won’t be as enjoyable without the perfect bathtub. A soaking tub typically has enough water depth that allows you to completely submerge yourself underwater. That being said, you’re able to cover your entire body with water, meaning your arms or legs won’t be left out in the cold. But if that does happen, you can always use your towel warmer of course!

For the ultimate spa experience, you might also want to try out a tub with an air whirlpool combo. The water pressure can help relax sore muscles and joints, while the circulation keeps